Chardin Research


Chardin 1699-1779 French Still Life Artist.


Still Life with Grapes and Pomegranates, 1763


My first impressions of this painting is that the ratio of objects are set out very well. For example a tall object sets your eyes to it. where as this tall object is in the middle of the painting and there are smaller objects at te base of it leading your eyes down to the smaller objects. I like the same the painting does that. Chardin painted this piece in 1763. It is called Still Life with Grapes and Pomegranates. As I said at the start the main focus of this painting is that tall white jug in the middle of the painting.

The colours of the painting are all very vibrant fruity colours with bright orange and greens but also to balance it out he’s got darker purple/black grapes and darker greens. The background of the painting is a wall and the fruits are on a shelf. the wall is grey/cream like dried cement. This makes the fruits stand out a lot more and also the white of the jug stands out very well. 

There isn’t much empty space in the painting I think this is because Chardin wants all the focus to be on the fruits and nothing else like the background or the masses of empty space. The object on the shelf are all different in size colour and different types of fruits this makes the painting full of action so there’s always something different to look at on the painting. It doesn’t get repetitive or old-fashioned, it’s fresh and easy to follow and look at. 

Chardin has other pieces of work very similar to this, and that because it’s his speciality. He specialises is Still Life just like this with fruits and other objects on a table or shelf. This painting makes me feel some sort f joy looking at it maybe it’s because of the bright colours and the way they are set out that is pleasing. 

Throughout studying Chardin I have learned that as a photographer. That it’s not about how bright and blinding the photograph is but the composition of how you take the photograph and how you a line the objects is absolutely key. For example look at Chardin’s work there isn’t one out of place object or fruit there isn’t one thing that isn’t supposed to be there. Therefore, when taking my photos I have my main subject of the photograph is the middle of the frame just like what he did. 



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