Edited Photos of Coffee Shoot!

These are my edited photos for my coffee shoot. With the photographs below I will talk about how I edited them.

With this photo, Firstly I cropped it down to make it square and attract all the focus into the middle of the picture, then made it black and white and increased the brightness, contrast and highlights to make the grain on the wood stand out more. I think the high contrast between the black of the coffee and the white of the cup makes the photo seem more dramatic than it is.

This was a fairly easy edit because I really like the original photo. I selected the whole outside of the cup and darkened the background by increasing the contrast and lowering the brightness. I did this because I think it draws your eyes away from looking what beyond the cup.

The same applies with this photo, I really like the ratio of where the cup of coffee is in the frame and how it’s spilt as well. All I have done to this image it make it black and white and increased contrast and more, like highlights and black point.

If you look at this final edit you eyes will get drawn into the centre of the image because there is a circle where the image is actually in focus but other than that the rest isn’t in focus driving your eyes to the focused part. I firstly cropped this down to a square size. I then did a lens blur around the image. To do this I drew a circle in the middle of the photo then selected the outside space of the circle (the rest of the image) and did a surface blur.



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