Edited Photos – ‘SHOOT 2!’

To edit this photography in the way I wanted too, Which was to blur the outside of the photograph and leave the middle in focus. I firstly selected a circle in the middle of the picture then selected the inverse to get the outside and started a lens blur. Secondly, I made the photo black and white and adjusted the sliders so the colours made more of an impact to the overall contrast of the photograph. After this my last step was to up the brightness and up the contrast so that photo didn’t look too dark for being in black and white.

This is the second photo I edited, I edited it in a similar way to the first one but started off with making the photography look level by cropping it and rotating it. Then turned it black and white. Using the sliders helped my develop how I wanted the black and white to actually look. The contrast between the original colours made a huge difference to the end product. Lastly, I changed the brightness and the contrast to make the photograph look better in black and white. 

This photo is one that I didn’t think I would have in this shoot because of of my recent photographs being shot on the streets. However I think that this can be classed into Street Photography. I edited by selecting the outside space round the window then darkening it. Secondly, I enhanced the image throigh the window and showed more of the city scape. And finally I upped the brightness and the contrast. 

Below are some of my other edited images. 


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