No.1 Intro

Through the photographers I have been studying I have really enjoyed Lee Friedlander, I don’t know if this was because of his traveling and showing me America from his perspective and the viewfinders of car windows and mirrors. From my point of view Lee Friedlander was the closest to what I thought was a journey. Friedlander captured the Journey of himself through America and also the journey of what others take. He would often take photographs of signs through his car window and reflected off the mirrors of his car. 

What I wanted to take from Lee Friedlander’s work was signs and how he always captured the right signs. If I can capture the right signs and photograph it with the right people to link it back with Cartier Bresson and how he captured the movment of people and the journey of people from one place to another. 

I am going to try and capture signs with people in the frame either standing still or moving    and show them moving in the same fashion. So how they move from one place to another using paths or keeping to the left whilst walking up stairs. For example using the leading lines of a path or sidewalk through streets or in shopping centres to show the movement of people. 

No.2 Editing the Raw Photographs

With editing the photos I’m planning to crop out all the negative space and leaving the signs people and leading lines. This will show the movement of what the people take to get from one place to another. For example I will be leaving traffic lights, traffic cones, signs and road marking in the photograph to show what the people do and where they move. 

Leaving some colour in the photos is a really good Idea I think because If you can link one colour to another It should draw your eyes towards it. For example If I link a yellow sign to the double yellow lines it would draw your eyes down the line.  

The composition of the photos before edited is very important because if you have a badly taken photography where the composition is right in the corner of the frame when you edit the photograph the subject of the image will be all over the place. 

No.3 What will I actually be taking photos of?

What I will actually be photographing is long street with busy people on them and simple signs. Road signs or billboards. I will be looking for structures and ad leading lines to show the movement. What’s very important is road markings the marking telling you what way to go what direction to head. 

No.4 Displaying ideas

I have thought through how I plan to display my final images and I think it’s either going a billboard type wall piece or tiling type wall piece. I’m thinking of taking a picture of an existing billboard and laying my own image over it. 



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