The Photos on the top row have been taken by myself and the photos on the bottom row have been taken by Lee Friedlander. Now lots of my juxtapositions have been about the composition to the photographers photos and the way they’ve been taken but not actually how they look with my photos. This juxtaposition is what you’d expect. If all of these photographs were on the wall at a studio or art gallery then you wouldn’t hesitate top think they’re all Lee Friedlander’s photographs. 


Lee Friedlander “JUXTAPOSITION”

These images are my Juxtapositions or interpretations of Lee Friedlander’s photographs. I have chosen these images because of the colour tone, contrast and light. Not because they look the same. I have edited these photographs in a way that they look original and authentic just like Friedlander’s. 

Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander, born in 1934, began photographing the American social landscape in 1948. With an ability to organize a vast amount of visual information in dynamic compositions, Friedlander has made humorous and poignant images among the chaos of city life, dense landscape and countless other subjects.

“ … photographs are so loaded with information. They’re remarkable. As I said, you get both the tree and the forest.” – Lee Friedlander


Lee Friedlander New York Times Photo May 2015



My first impressions of this photograph is that the ratio and balance is very good with things happening in the photo everywhere you look. makes the photograph seem more balanced. I think the subject of the photograph is the women on the billboard because it’s the biggest picture inside the image or the women walking towards the camera. The photograph shows a New York square or street photographed through scaffolding with lots of people showed crossing a road or on the sidewalk. Also shows a huge billboard with a picture of a women’s face. The entire image looks real I don’t think it’s been edited or photoshopped in any way. 

The colours of the photograph are black and white with high contrast and deep tones linking darker shadows with lighter whites making them stand out more. I think this photo was taken on a film camera and then sampled and taken into a dark room and processed to make it look like this now. This image is very alike to the other images by Lee Friedlander and that’s because he specialed in street photography and capturing the reactions of people when they’re unaware and have the real reaction. 

This photograph makes me feel a sense of adventure with the travel side of it in a way. The overall mood or the photograph is a bit busy and hectic I believe because of all the action and the busyness of the people within it. I think this photo can portray happiness to some people who look at it because of the women on the billboard and the women walking towards the camera. Lastly this image and most of his  work really makes me remember when I was in America and walking down busy streets in big cities and makes me happy because they were such good times.