These images are the photos I have chosen to edit and use in this post from my Street photography 2 shoot. With these photographs I have edits them in the style of a few photographers. Joel Meyerowitz, Cartier-Bresson and Lee Friedlander. 

With editing this photograph, Firstly I changed it from colour to black and white, using the sliders I changed the colours and the contrast and darkness and brightness of these colours to suit the photograph. Secondly, I changed the overall brightness of the image by increasing it. Then, the contrast and how deep the blacks are from the whites. Finally I resized the image to get the best ratio of pixels. 

With this photo I had to increase the brightness and the contrast before making it black and white because it was a rather dark photo in the first place. Then I turned it black and white and adjusted the sliders again. This time I noticed that the lines of the tracks were yellow and chose to brighten the yellow so that it would come up easier to see on the final photo. 


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